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About the VERDA HOTELOur main principle has always been to provide the hospitable and excellent service.

Verda Hotel Lobby

You are our guest We love to serve to our guests

Our main principle has always been to provide the hospitable and excellent service understanding as well as a hygienic and clean environment at the highest standards with the most appropriate prices for our guests since the year 1994 when we have started to serve.

Our team consists of experienced individuals who extend the traditional Turkish hospitality, who have believed the requirements of contemporary service management, who lend their souls to the work they do and who can always see with the eyes of their guests serve a quality and contemporary service.

Our Hotel which is located in ULUS, one of the selected and historical districts of Ankara, has focused on a service understanding which aims the satisfaction of you esteemed guests on the ground of its sectoral experience and renewed infrastructure.

The satisfaction and all kinds of security of our guests have constituted the main base of studies in our hotel which is chosen by the families in general. As a city and business world hotel, the foundation of our price policy is a stable price structure.

Some of the important localities around the hotel are the world-famous shopping malls, Official Buildings, Ancient Building of Grand National Assembly of Turkey, Ankara Citadel, the Mosque of Haci Bayram, Historical Roman Bath, Ethnography Museum, The Museum of Anatolian Civilizations, Art and Statue Museum, Stadium of May 19th, Ataturk Sport Palace, Culture Center of Ataturk, Historical Railroad Station, Altinpark Fairground.

We would feel proud of accommodating you at your Ankara travels.


Orient Corner

You can get all the pleasure of the hookah when you sup the Turkish coffee in our authentic oriental room.


Delicious examples from Turkish and International Cuisines which will satisfy your as per taste and sight are diligently prepared by our experienced cooks and presented with a perfect service in our A La Carte Restaurant with the capacity of 150 people.

Angora Cafe

You will experience the comfortable taste of one delicious cup of carameled tea which you will sup and feel the privacy of Angora Café through its unique and warm design equipped with the scenes of Ancient Ankara. You will find the opportunity to have a great time by the means of the games such as okey, chess, gammon and cards.